Hello World! An n+ to-do list:

Keshav Animoji Waving Hello!

Hi there!

This really just is a random collection of my thoughts.

Below is an n+n+ list of things that are on my to-do list that I plan to accomplish in the upcoming months (in no particular priority):

  1. MagicMirror2 Refresh
  2. Updated DECA Guide for Fall 2020
  3. Set up PPG email
  4. Desktop PC Build
  5. Re-read Undoing Project
  6. Read Flash Boys - Michael Lewis
  7. Read The Fifth Risk - Michael Lewis
  8. Create a Lisp language via Racket
  9. My first year at UWaterloo blog post
  10. Duplicate resume in LaTeX\LaTeX format
  11. Add LaTeX\LaTeX markdown plugins to this blog

    • Look at how gorgeous it looks!

      f(x)=n=13x2n+3f(x) = \sum_{n=1}^{\infty} 3x^{2^{n+3}}
  12. Hard refresh of MBP and iPhone
  13. Learn the JAMstack
  14. Incorporate ScrollReveal.js in some front end projects
  15. Find out how to add the node pre-loader to Gatsby that hasn't been working for the last two three months
  16. Find a suitable macOS mail client