Toronto's Tech Scene does not get enough credit for all of its innovation.

I originally wrote this article on LinkedIn on August 10th, 2017 and have since updated and transferred it over to this blog.

Last night, I took the opportunity to ask John Tory a simple question, yet one, that got me thinking.

What do you feel about Toronto's tech scene and the future of #TOTech?

While normally it’s an easy question for most politicians to answer, but what I found so interesting about the way the mayor answered this question was you could see that the City of Toronto really does value the advancements in Tech that come out of this city.

"What's really happened is the world has discovered Toronto in two respects:

  1. This was the place where the initial work on artificial intelligence was done, and the acknowledged experts in the world are here at the UofT. And now we have capitalized on that by setting up an institute where now the smartest people in the world are coming here.
  2. We have maintained our values and quality of life here, and that is a story that is being better known around the world now."

Just this month we will see some stellar events from HackerNest's monthly tech socials, Hack The 6ix's Hackathon, and TechToronto's August meetup. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The point is this. Toronto's tech scene and the innovation that comes out of it is something that does not get enough credit and I'm so thrilled to see what is to come from it in the next ten years.

To see the full response from John Tory see the video below.